More videos showing inspection on a SavvyInspector(r)

October 6, 2021

We have been getting a lot of inquiries and request for SavvyInspector(r) demonstrations lately. That's good news, and it could be thanks to our new distribution agreement with TRIOPTICS, or thanks to the gradual return to "normal" that we have been seeing lately. But one of the benefits of Covid-times is that we all got a crash course on how to do video chats. Lately, I've been doing customer demos with zoom, sharing the SavvyInspector(r) screen, and we can easily record them.

We decided to try and do some quick videos using the record feature of zoom and screen sharing, and I think they came out great. I really recommend checking them out on our YouTube channel. We show some "real life" scratches like spit marks, skip-scratches and so on, and talk about how to grade them. Some are short, but the Autoscan demo is a little longer. Dana even joined me on that one! Enjoy!