Big news here at Savvy Optics Corp.

December 5th, 2017

Big news here at Savvy Optics Corp. After working on the problem for more than two years, we finally have a head configuration that will allow objective scratch and dig measurements on curved surfaces and lenses. The new LensInspectorTM is analogous to our popular SIF-4E product with a megapixel camera and all manual stages, but the system adds a manual tip/tilt stage to allow the user to position the imperfections under the inspection head in a condition which will provide maximum visibility. Contact us for more information about this exciting new product!

I am very excited about this new product. We don't have lots of cool pictures or Marcom or anything, but it works pretty well. Here's a sell sheet describing the system. Thanks everyone for the years of support on this effort to finally remove the confusion and guesswork in optics surface imperfection inspection.